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For some reason, they hand this nigga the microphone so the whole auditorium can hear it. Let’s say you’re online dating a girl and when y’all meet up, she got a weewee bigger than yours. ” I mean yeah at first it was funny 💀 but then security grabbed his ass and he got suspended for like a week.

Like nigga 99.9% of the kids in my grade wanna die lmaooo.

Anyway last year all 900 kids in the sophomore class filed into the auditorium to listen to the speaker for 45 minutes straight.

Keep in mind that ultimately, text game depends on the context, and the quality of the initial face to face interaction.

Everything after that simply extends the process of your personality across her texting / phone platform. Accompanying Text: “I’ll be ready”, “Jk, I’ll be dressed sexy so you do too” #2 When a girl cancels, or says she’s not available on a certain weekend: Accompanying Text: That’s cool…

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