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You're already good enough without Kyubi and Sage Mode to take on most of your world's S ranks on even ground.

Sorry, but you're just going to have to make due without your demon, sage, or demonic sage states for a while." He sighed dejectedly.

Was it the natural, the black magic, the vampire, or the biohazard zombie incident? Somehow made me the figurehead of not one but three separate and unrelated planet wide anarchist uprisings in a single night…""A new personal record. ""Swapped my gender no less than seven times…""That complaint is null and void. Then there was that "Ultimate Showdown" fiasco…"""Of Ultimate Destiny." Get the name right. Sold my organs to aliens as delicacies…""You grew them back from your regeneration and we made a great profit from it.""…

Froze me in my fox form and then donated me as a class pet to a middle school for magical girls that were all having angst issues that all could have been solved by a remotely trained shrink…""That, I admit may have been a bit much.""… I will not apologize for art.""Were you even the one that killed the guy?

I don't own Naruto, any of its characters, or any references in this story. One of the two men there was almost six feet tall wearing a black trench coat with long dark brown hair in a ponytail and sunglasses that prevented the world from seeing his eyes.Don't want you to die for good before you get to humiliate yourself some more after all." The immortal shrugged as he extended his senses and whistled as a sign of being impressed. From what I can tell, you managed to get this thing to reach out a good distance.I do believe that you also managed to distort some of the timespace here as an aftereffect.Three deep and distinct whisker like scars donned each of his cheeks, under his animal like slit eyes, each of which were a deep and endless blue.If the eyes were the window to the soul, a person would say that this boy's soul was wild, chaotic, free, but surprisingly deep and possessed an underlying strength that could not be measured with a simple glance.

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