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When we got near Iowa, Mom tipsy walked to rest room in the bedroom. She was cool with it so I openly rubbed and squeezed her ass. I then rubbed her waits with both hands and slowly pulled her to me. Him and Todd tips toes inside and hit in shade spot.

" Dude, make your move, fuck her " He pushed me to the bedroom. " Dude, worst case pretend you are drunk and forgot you are kissing mom ". My cock rock hard in my pant, I slowly rubbed my cock on her crotch in a fucking motion, and god damn she responded with same motion. Mom rested both hands on my shoulder, after few quick pecked on the lips, We were back to face sucking, Our bodies pressed tight on each other, she made a little pleasant sounds as she felt my hard cock pressed on her crotch. I then hooked her other leg with my arm, I now freely bounced her up and down hard on my meat.

But, the weather was way cold for us and Dad got a bad cold.

Therefore, we decided to welcome our New Year in hotel.

When he first found out that his wife Courtney was cheating on him Gene fell to pieces.

The bedroom door slightly opened with enough light from guess room to see my way in there. My hand then slowly moved up grabbed her big tit and squeezed hard on it . Awhile later, Over ten minutes, I tongue exchanged with her, and She tongued right back. It was a very noisy fucking, combination of balls slapped, air trapped in her tight cunt, and her loud moaned.

Mom tipsy turned off the light and walked out the rest room. Mom was in clown nine cuz she was sucking my tongue and lips, while moving her hips up and down in fucking motion. " Oh shit , closet the door dear".

My hands went under her skirt, exposed her panties. Mom realized door wide open fill up with light in bedroom .

I ran my fingers over her asshole and her clits few times, her cunt was soaking wet. " Mom, they already know we are doing it from all that balls slapping and loud moaning in here ". " Check out the burned and stretched marks on her ass , she is no virgin there " " I saw dad nails that ass on vacation, so fucking hot " I laughed " Lets join Todd ".

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