Speed dating for musicians

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The form of presentation may however vary between the two systems, as well as from one gharana (family) to another in the former system.

Recently I’ve found that quite a few readers place a high value on intelligence in their partners and it’s often the primary value that concerns them the most.

It’s also easier when you are intelligent and very good in your field because you follow a path, there are specific skills, methodologies, theories, textbooks etc that you follow and generate results.

Some are also natural aptitudes – something that most people just don’t have for relationships.

Indian music is melodic in nature, as opposed to Western music which is harmonic.

The most important point to note is that movements in Indian classical music are on a one-note-at-a-time basis.

If it was the case, many of the people who read Baggage Reclaim who are very intelligent or even super intelligent by some of their claims, wouldn’t be experiencing the problems that they do in their relationships and in general life.

For a start (and bearing in mind that biology wasn’t one of my favourite subjects at the convent school), the parts of the brain that we use for being intelligent are not the same as what we use for our emotions.

Many people wake up in a relationship that detracts from them and/or leaves them frustrated because they have things, like intelligence, that they’re blinded by that they use to override if not outright deny and obliterate real concerns in the relationship. What you place a high value on in others says a lot about what you value or even overvalue in yourself or what you want someone else to bolster you with.

These very same people are then bewildered as to why these ‘intelligent’ partners haven’t given them the relationship that they expected, and were in fact lacking in relationship and emotional smarts.

Intelligent partner doesn’t equal intelligent relationship doesn’t equal mutually fulfilling healthy copiloted relationship.

This is the same thing I get when I say that you shouldn’t be blinded by chemistry, looks, passion, the colour of someone’s skin, how great they are in the sack, their physique, how much money they have.

Next thing it’s: So what are you trying to say Natalie?

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