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One person was killed and at least 26 other people were taken to hospital.

There were several hundred protesters marching when the car drove into a group of them and police said the crash happened near the intersection of Fourth and Water streets.

Yet there was no initiative in the following weeks from the City Manager’s office to move the rally to Mc Intire.

Mayor Signer also conveyed this desire in written communications to the City Attorney’s office.

You reiterated this to Mayor Signer after the meeting.

Please provide an explanation for the delay and for your actions and decisions during this period regarding this matter.Fenwick.) The preparations for August 12 were akin to the preparations for a hurricane. You were scheduled for a family vacation in Canada the prior week.You delayed leaving for your vacation by several days for preparations for August 12 and were available by phone the entire time you were away.Because of this guidance from Chief Thomas, and based upon Governor Mc Auliffe’s warning of serious security concerns on August 2, Council’s will was that the rally needed to be moved away from the downtown area because of the mayhem that was being promised.At the conclusion of the meeting, you told Council you needed 12 hours to make your decision.

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