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A more recent, extensive and in-depth history of the family was published in 2001:', by Mark Haggar.

It is a valuable and much appreciated addition to the many texts that enlighten our knowledge of the de Verduns, but its understandable focus on the main line of the family means that it omits useful data from French historical sources and therefore mention of what might be the senior branch of the family, who continue to reside in Normandy, and whose story continued to connect with England, during the times that Normandy was ruled by that country's kings.

Duke of Lower and later Upper Lorraine and Count of Verdun, who died in 1044. The relevance of 'Bouillon' is because Duke Godfrey III's daughter Ida's second son was Godfrey of Bouillon, who gained everlasting fame in the First Crusade.

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One potential connection could have been through 'Richard of Verdun', Abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Vanne from 1004-1046.

In fact, at least some supporting evidence is there.

French genealogists give Richard de Surdeval, who lived near the comital centre at Mortain, a descent from Verdun, on the Meuse; and Bertram de Verdun's presence at a place in the Avranchin called, evocatively enough, Bouillon, speaks for itself".

This old connection between the Earls and the de Verduns continued to be maintained over many generations, as is detailed ame the focus of their power and their Barony.

But they also gained lands in many other counties and in Ireland, and branches of the family became established across the country, including the de Verdun family of Norfolk, who established another de Verdun Barony there.

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