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If you catch yourself complaining about cellphones and digital devices ruining relationships, you might just be an old fuddy-duddy.

(Other evidence of being out of fashion and fussy: using the term “fuddy-duddy”).

Whether you’re 17 or 70, technology plays a role in every relationship, and if you want it to be positive, you need to discuss your expectations and have some fun.

If you don’t talk about tech, friction (and not the good kind) is guaranteed.

And one study that measured couples’ honesty, authenticity and social sharing found that those too-good-to-be-true couples who post about their happy relationships are in fact … Those couples are also fluent in the sixth love language: public declarations.

Those in long-distance relationships experience greater intimacy and more positive communications than those who live close/together, and research suggests that these benefits are heightened when using mobile and text-based media.

Couples in marriages that blossomed via social media, for example, report high levels of relationship satisfaction.According to Ok Cupid, I am “More Independent,” “Less Love-Driven” and “Less Conventionally Moral” than the average user. I exchange messages with an arborist who calls himself “eating_almonds.” On his profile he admits to shoplifting Bioré pore strips, which I find oddly attractive.Our inbox repartee is strong at first, but soon fizzles.Nonetheless, we chat for an hour, but I never hear from him again. DAY 6: MUST LOVE DOGS I meet Shannon Tebb, who runs her own dating consultation firm, Shanny in the City.Boasting a BA in sociology and anthropology, she claims to be an expert on what men want, which is, apparently, women who sport bright colours, wear their hair down and exude a “cool, funny attitude.” She tells me the best way to flirt is to comment on the situation at hand, which is why it’s easy to pick up at a dog park. I don’t have a dog, so I arrive solo, in a bright summer dress and with my hair blown out.

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