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v W tlon Is engugcfl In lnu! the water tanks will be constantly usr*d m order to provide a change of witter so that when emergency arises fresh wuter will be available The hospital staff has been trained ln all deportments of air raid precaution work Fire drills are held frequently, fire extinguish- ing instruction given, while the staff with Its knowledge of first aid work, will be rpady at all times to ren- der aid for minor Injuries, leaving other work for the medical stuff. And Special Chart Room Are Some of New Features — New Equipment Installed KEEP WALLS AND CEILINGS IN GOOD CONDITION FOR THE HOSPITAL - FREE DELIVERY JUBILEE MARKET EARL WARREN DAVE EDGAR F. PALMER PLASTERING CONTRACTOR utility kitchen, with the latest sanitary devices including high pressure ster Ulwra; and well equip- ped chart room with prescription cabinet for stork medicine*. -••• 8inla Aunt Ada - Irtromine Ark Ack Treiawner FIFTH RACE— SI* Iut Ioom Skin Deep Mae Chance ...... 1-8 AUo ran Kloak, Like Oreentsck Caofle Jd Eren Rolls. •-«* |i i If 11 * i) Hospital la now in.-i.,, a • - *• i v *• j t - ® s| Jjj water supply for th* lii'-ui itlun a- * ' , | l| i safeguard against damage of Uv * j | j main water supply b;. Each about the ward without disturbing patient has a separate wardrobe of the entire room. .r.-.f gas plate; urn for bothiq Atter with a steam device that b St in two minutes enough water for Wlfty per- sons; steam-heated wan Ag oven, tray racks; maple top sei ft .*- table; and kitchen cabinet wi dr tin -lined bins It is to this floor kitchen that the food is sent from the main o-bumer Children s Department Completely Modernized FRUITS and FLOWERS During the war. ram* Pits'* PTince Boufh Ess Crimaon Lancer Real Mcv ... Mr East— would give any clue m to the drew up some high -mounding for- Wl Ut taker. Whereas to 1939 there wrre 2.985 medical eases, the num- ber rose to 3.708 last year. Scope of rase* on Much Broader Scale— New Addition VMM Facili- tate Handling of Patient* The scope of the work carried out In the wards of the Royal Jubilee Hfwpllal during the last year Is con- tained in the record librarian's re- port for that period, and further serves to show how greatly the arrv- tre of the institution will be Im- proved with the Increased facilities now obtainable with the completion of tor new east wing, which will be officially opened nn Thursday alternnon. 0*t irwtfi A * i»t ft on dru* • ■ VClfk V * • Only H. wl U describe the Dr A E Carver, nerve specialist r/,r dlt,r,r,» n Lnndon sa ne • -gs«" k flve -minute dally broadcasts and *1 • u* * I J J Radial* « 3 * * Yesterday's Score* Kcrrtedale 2 Victoria Unit* St. ( Barney) Olson tells * capacity opening night crowd at the new Arena how it all came to pass. tve club the first Goal First marker came *t the elghteen- minutr murk when An Kluckner centre forward, scored following a cross from Dnve Todd, on the left wing. Doug Todd and Dave Todd Victoria United— Joe Travia, Har- old Sage, Oeorge Leggett, Jock Flddus, Glen Robbins Jack Moon, Gordon Bell Tommy Musgruie, Jack Harrison.

lalll-ICMSKr-KORSAKOV IIRIDAl Proceaalon Prom le Cm* DOr." Pierre Mortem eunduc Mm the Qan Pranetaro Srmphonr Orchulr* Priea. * 1 *tf, JEWELERS 1209 DOUGLAS ST (Scol Urd Bldg.) GNR. DIMTRIBITTION KITCHEN The kitchen U the new wing is replete with all the most modem devices, a new refrigerator having Another Innovation is the Re- adequate capacity has been Installed # M|j .jfr! NEAR HOSPITAL Plugs for the electric heating food wagons are provided. | _ _ _ - _ moat oolid barbed wire fence Muxso- CAPTURE FORT CAPUZZO I I) \l ■■ I AOFt TD l,nl h U ' ,,lon * the Egypt- Libya com munique said the main British armored forces LU ill LAKll H t' ady h l d dr 'Ta* w * d,: ' ‘;', 0 h ,hc ,,an 7r ,vi M0ns T ,a * LUn U Ui 1111.1^11 Iim: purawt , ! cupboard, individual light, while night lights make ft possible for the nurse* to work without dis- turbing the patients 970 Homer Street Vancouver, B. Short Tha tremendous Increase to the demands placed upon toe Royal Jubilee Hospital, which made neces- AJ1 arrangement* have been com- pleted for the two ceremonies to be ploilnn of the new wing of the Royal Jubilee Hospital. 6 339 In connection wtrh cancer caws If If interesting to note lhat out j of a total of 174 patient* treated only twenty-two njirratlonx had to bf petfaraad and that the number of death* out of Dili total amounted GIFT# bytutju tuii'U) It *m In Quid Otrel Aml and a gang of navvie* were doing * spot i»f e*i itviumc in a hole Pick* and shuvr U were not working at the i peed the for cm* r^»|e«ire«f Putting ids hand tn hu» mouth • All of ye* out ! Thu per-, formano* *«* repeated again arid again until Pat tone nt the nnv- vbsi asked the foreman what was going on. And the answer to that cry is the swift, sure, helping hand of the Red Cross. BOWL HOPES RLINED Vanderbilt ruined Alaoama s Bowl hopea with a 7-0 decision. Canadian Navy and Army "Reds" will cross sticks In the curtain- raiser at 8 o’clock. 1 11 1^1 l UO I through neatly cut gaps In the al- Army officer. Erwin Rommel Hif Aiivriv r.-w German tanks ware be Urved to tnivs U»u left be- hind mi »r*i of the prevnt u^ r.nd"ip,» imt ! n - ««• opened tn Moscow almost as usual I President Philip Murray assured ‘ ,r farri NUi «*•*• heavily Report* from the Baltic State* President Roosevelt today that "the , ' ‘' v ‘ r 1 ' pah'*t»k U\gly *«v hospital* ’here already havr CIO and lta millions of member* wr ,. she low 'draft hraita manv Oerman* suffering from R und ready lo participate in the wh ,.. Plumbing and Heating Supplies : Pipe : Valves Fittings In all ths wards sach bed t* kept separate from th* others by gin** divisions, which keep the rooms light yet st the same time give max- imum privacy Enrh patient ha* his own . The rib- bons will be Ui the college colors of red. Mayor Mr- Gavln will be In attendance as also Despite Gain in Number of Patients, Mortality Rate Is Much Lower MEN OF FORCES ARE INVITED TO CHURCH a very Important work in Uwt er- radicatluij of tuberculosis la being earned on at the Royal Jubilee Hos- pital, which on Thursday will mark a new milestone to ll* history by officially opening Its new east wing Assisting greatly to the treatment of this disease was the installation' Unveiling of Plague Marking First Site of Hospital Takes Place Totjay Men of the navy, army and air force are invited to attend Centen- nial United Church tonight. Southern Methodist won a Southwest Conference le*t from Baylor, 14 0. With Hanlsleer's death and Wev- I gallons." ( nntirmr H i,» p.» s r * Ln]H)inte Hallies After Tiring Day Report Ting Air Mastery Is C omplett MONTREAL Nov 99 — Die Royal Air Force In an offensive aweep of Northern France thl* aft- ernoon destroyed olx German fight- ing plans* to a los* of one of Its own. , ^ *'*'* ®ore than fto O 1 — screg and is located clone to the s ran ■i MH.n. Conservative, of months, while there are recurring l» expected during the prerent week, territory from the day, of dog -team Winnipeg No definite decision ha* report* on Pierre Caagraln Sec re - uunerd soldier* had been ti,. 1 P 011 ** te cl ‘ mp ^ doa ' n 00 Canadian portotkm. „ fomiii f**r« ^ iroop* came last February when K centre. Now a large volunteer fnrre wrorg "Sudienly the aky beneato eh SS o Zrll Ly J ^ C ** »'* Dandurend. ^ 1)0110 rtr *^r t d - uj ^ ** ^ ^ b„ B ap- ^ «,* oovem social Notre Page Cj A ma*e Jump by fifty men trom A* their parachuto* b Ulowad f inure t^oecu DV ^ **' p1 ^ Bn Urely from the grave ment « *tand which Prime Sport Togea IS. 17 five Whl Mev bomber* flying In close nprn and the\ drifted down cy Un- offlci Al* of the Fir * nr e hi.v a k a * H '* Nrtr U,arn llln * — Hn ** Em** i Lapointe - King would to fi s=~ re Britain had para- after a visit to a rmrarhute tralnfm? week, teirirory from the day* wf dog-team Winnipeg No definite deebuon ha *t Februarv when it rertr. Aus- tralians and New Zealander* who wrre on the receiving end in Greece and Crete, now are striking back with swift deadlines* From the plain* of Poland lo rninpfj Dunkerque the German* demonstrated thp *ecret of their new technique of war— comple'.e unity of action between artillery infantry, air force and supplies, the MUTTON CHOPS FINE FURS — COATS — DRESSES — SUITS C ('tl’BM L'V TOMATO SOUP Q 1 r O 2 tin 3 CROWN SULTANAS nt inv-ri t MACARONI M P tor Montreal -Laurler. Joseph Thorsnn wa* named Minister of War Service®, there wo* considerable agitation in Quebec in favor of Major-Oeneral Lafleche. FRENCH'S MUSTARD nctoria Man Prepares Welders for Local Industrial Demand HERE'S A The shortage of men experienced in the art of Gurney Gas Range Idlng Is becoming more acu U* a* local wartime indus- tries expand here on the Pacific Coast According to a statement by- Mr. Fair fonts of every rapture Heaven possesses: Here in soft singing aisles I fondly bow To simple things and fair, that God made so; And foolish things more wise than this world guesses. Phone G 1623 British Columbia Cement Co Limited Belmont Building FOR EVERY PURPOSE f*r any germ Victoria , B. of s contagious disease Is Incubating This U a safeguard lor those pa- tients who already are tn the hos- pital and are known to be Dee of contagious a chart room adjoin* the tonsil and bronchial and a Mhmnflc wards By the use nf large plate gbuu window* It Is pos- sible for the nurses to keep a con- stant watch over these patient* while maktryr out. SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1941 towed by 1.277 repeal namlntt Uon* front of J M Whitney A Company. jewelers, a br*.v plaque, suit- ably worded, to mark U* historic spot upon which the Royal Jubilee Hoepltal was first founded in a Utile white- washed cottage at Broad and Yattv Streets eighty -three years ago MAYOR WILL OFFICIATE Mrs T. founder of the hog- pltal, will perform the unveiling, while Hu Lordship the Bishop of Columbia will give the dedicatory address. I Corbett, a Olendale, Ca L, rider, held Marriage back early In the race, but moved up quickly from fourth place near the stretch. Warsplle will be in at- tendance and will march the teams on the field. Tickets for the match may be secured from local team managers. At the start of the second half, however, the hard -running Vanity bockfield opened up and ran over three nice tries but failed to convert on one occasion Ian Richards gave the students a 9-0 lead when he went over near the comer flag but Ai OUlesple, another Victoria boy. u o,.lun» 4 , contribution and perform l»a obli- continued prog/e**. TODAY S FEATURES r» returning troni the communique. Lewu said then, that it would i tonight reported the Sunrndrr of the garrison, among ** extremely difficult to find an tm- ron complete mastery of ihr u*t In the Oondar area or Par UM arbiter, fo days of fighting Northwest Ethiopia, the only *ec- NAMFS ARBITFR cn air force was said to Hon of Mujwohni’s East Afrtcon But Uie Chief Executive who had non-existent in some empire remaining In Italian hand* “id that the mining of coal must righting came at 3 o'clock In the afternoon be resumed because It w«* ew.enttal r '^ P^P^rty with head of the Labor Department** IV*? a man of long fur nj,val and varied experience tr the aettle- ^T d " M a Pollp « , * ment of labor dispute. Thomas Crerar, Minister of Mines and Reaource*, mav be named to- Joying the best of health for *wne ent of Marat a formaj -p/I re the unr i UJ J(K ■UTIIC ttendanre in past aeveral imfoldlng of governmental plan* for ttet whore experience to the frozen caused by the death or Senator Len- Ottawa during the past several the controlling of prior* and wage* North spanned development of the drum Mc Mearu. height or 600 feet^he ^ 1 V ” Pomtt ’ Mln U: " r ^ Air and R — - r*re 17 1 Itsly. Government leader to the Senate, undoubted: v t hough, will continue The big •‘gap’’ from the Govern - o S Justice, there are other Is to the event of anything happen Hon p. Ltd, requesting the re- moval of stop sighs from both end? and you see the difference between Britain’* new Eighth Army and the game but outmoded troop* driven bv Ore Ger- man* nut of Flanders, Norway, Greece and Crete General Kir Alan Cunningham'? (hey jxunt out, have ihor- oii Khh absorbed the theory and practice of lightning war With It they have mixed Britain* own con- siderable desert experience, with the result tha* the Tommie*. the Royal Air Force has turned the table* on the German Air FYirce by darting In to bloat It* planes before they can gel off the ground. the Island Welding School, trained welders are being offered positions a* soon a* they became available The Island Welding School U now under the management of Mr Karl Bondgwtek, who ha* had ex- FRUITS AND VEGETABLES ARIZONA GRAPEFRUIT 5 for 19c LEMONS, full of juice, doz,. But childhood’s shrine, whose little priests' long tresses Sweet brows of innocence and love o’erflow, And chubby, dimpled cheeks and artless dresses; Here little h he simple sacrament of fond caresses ; While ruddy lips and great round eye:, do glow. Compliments and Best Wishes to the Royal Jubilee Hospital On the Completion of the New Wing WE HAVE TILES PLUMBING AND HEATING FIXTURES OFFICE EQUIPPED TO SPEED ROUTINE Modern Business Machines in the General Office Aid in Speedily and Efficiently Handling th# Large Volume of Business Which Must Pats Through This Department. PRIDHAM 551 YATES STREET MR Hum Loldt Street ROYAL JUBILEE IIOSPIT il FRANK TIMMIS ACCOUNTING MACHINE SPECIALIST BURROUGHS ADDING MACHINE CO. despite con- stant pressure, Varsity failed to take advantage of several opportunities.

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