Maroon 5 who is he dating

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All of that is on top of Maroon 5's fourth studio album (released in 2012) and tour, both cheekily titled , suggesting Levine and his longtime bandmates are amused by his ubiquity.

"Adam is now a worldwide empire," says veteran music manager Irving Azoff, whose former Front Line Management counts Levine among its clients.

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There's a fledgling acting career, with an arc on FX's opposite Keira Knightley and Mark Ruffalo.

"Between and Maroon 5 breaking through to a million-dollar-plus-a-night attraction, plus all of his other activities -- writing, producing and more -- he's a big industry." Following Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, Levine has become perhaps the most successful example of the new business model for musicians in an age of declining record sales.

By taking a chance on a singing show his rocker brethren might find beneath them, he has been able to showcase his likable personality on a twice-weekly platform that has allowed him to launch a multimillion-dollar business -- lifting his band to new heights in the process.

It turns out the grooms were in on the plan all along.

According to ET, a representative for Maroon 5 said, "Only the grooms knew in each case.

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