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You'll be more able to develop stronger and satisfying sexual relationships.

Masturbation may even be helpful to reduce stress (although we also recommend other relaxation techniques).

Later on, the same source mentions that the seminal vesicle absorbs air, which is transferred into the brain, and this may lead to stupidity and insanity. Simply ask yourself — could you say that lower a IQ could result as a side effect of masturbation, and do you feel more stupid or more insane before or after masturbation?!According to “old knowledge”, achieving orgasm without ejaculation stores bioenergy and makes the penis firmer, hence your erections last longer and the volume a man ejaculates is larger.[1] But we would agree that masturbation and its frequency also depends on a person's age and period in life. Well, here on we are not really sure whether this is the best way to relax. Maybe occasionally, but if you simply don't feel horny and if you feel tense, rather take a walk or go play basketball than developing a behavior that could potentially lead to addiction. Internal body temperature is a bit higher than external body temperature.It is also true (and you might already experience that) that frequent and vigorous masturbation (again: over-masturbation) may produce skin irritation, skin abrasions, or even superficial bruising, as well as sometimes temporary discoloration of the skin.The condition improves with time, if of course not masturbating.

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