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Like the words just snuck out without my knowing it. By then, it felt like she was just tracing over my whole hand, not ever stopping, and I wasn't even thinking about looking down anymore. Right there, I believed she could do real magic, could really read my whole life right there in her hand. It was a weird feeling, it made me kind of dizzy, but looking into her eyes steadied me a little.

She must have been standing there already when I came by, but in that dim light, I didn't even see her.

I tried to cover up my start, but I know I didn't do a very good job. Just for myself, I don't show it off none." Thinking about that reminded me of Miss Violet, so I tried to change the subject. "I can tell you're going to get very wet very soon..." We both laughed at that.

"I'm sorry, miss,, I didn't see you there." Now that I was looking at her, I don't know how I missed her. The way those clouds were moving, we were both going to get soaked soon.

And that was saying something, I'll tell you that for nothing.

It was just a little before sunset, but you'd never know it from looking.

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