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Paste: What sort of constructive dating advice, you've gotten from listeners and friends of Why Oh Why? Andrea Silenzi: I think the most important thing someone can do for their dating life is admit that it's going to take work.

Just because dating was easy for you in college or for characters on your favorite romcom doesn't mean it will be easy in your adult life.

So there are a lot of new places, I'm a big fan of craft cocktail bars personally. Each week we'll be producing a new episode where I'll take calls and questions from you, our dater nation. We'll dive deep into real world situation and deliver no BS dating and love advice. I know a lot of people are going to be tuned in to listen to some of your advice. I want to talk about when are you too old to stop partying, like I'm 32, I don't think I'm old but one weekend I went to PB, PB Bar and Grill. I'm pretty newly single, so I don't know what to do. People who seem to have their lives right but their love wrong. I do know on the off chance sometimes you'll land a relationship part of it, but again it just depends on you're trying to take two different people, and mashing two lives together. Now, I'm bringing you the secrets that I've learned from years of casting, coaching and matchmaking. I mean it's always going to be kind of a roll of a dice at dating.

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