Dating sites for mormons

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Furious, he printed the letter on crisp paper, carefully signed his name at the bottom, and put it in an envelope. He'd do so twice more, redating the same letter, each time not sending it.

Children of same-sex parents could not be blessed, baptized, or ordained into the priesthood until they were eighteen, and only if they first disavowed their parents' relationship and all other same-sex marriages.

On the drive home, they pass the local Mormon temple. On November 5, 2015, Garett received a series of distraught texts from his mother, Linda.

"People tell us not to think about the Church and leave it alone," says Kyle. She wanted her son to know that, for once, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints did not reflect her views, and that her faith—until then unflappable—was being tested.

Kyle and Garett often fly to Salt Lake City to feel surrounded by a stronger LGBT community.

Garett points to a postcard of Jesus taped to the windshield of a car parked at the venue.

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