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I have had a number of extra-marital trysts over the last several years.

All of which were with Dave’s approval and encouragement. Me having sex with other men was and is his fantasy.

However, you could sense the sexual tension in the air as I disappeared to the bathroom and bedroom to prepare myself. Knowing where he was going this time, he passed by me and I closed the door behind him, locking it and pulling the drapes closed.

Depositing the load of laundry on our bed for folding, I couldn’t help myself and reached for my favorite vibrator.I said I wasn’t certain, and I really wasn’t, but that if he was interested in seeing what unfolded, he should be in position at one of the lower level windows at delivery time the following morning.I should mention at this point, that this is not at all the kind of thing I usually do.” I laughed and said “No, but tomorrow is delivery time and who knows?” Sensing I was serious, he asked me what my plans were.

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