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To use it, you'll need to connect Auto Voice to your Google account in the Google Home app.

The video above shows a few samples of what's possible with this powerful combo.

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You can use it to create your own commands to control your phone, or do anything else you can accomplish with Tasker.Tasker on Android is one of the most powerful customisation tools around.Combined with a plugin called Auto Voice, you can use it to create a custom voice command for just about anything.Rather than Google Assistant ordering you pizza or writing down your to-dos directly, it finds the right person to help you order a pizza or manage your to-dos. If you have smart home gadgets in your house, Google Home goes from being a handy gadget in your living room to feeling like magic.Google has made it a priority to work with a number of smart gadgets out of the box, so you can turn your lights on or change the temperature without talking to a third-party bot.

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