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All this “in your face” stuff, every jot & tittle of it, is dedicated to a proposition of “you dummies picked the wrong candidate and now disaster has ensued.” This just adds to my conviction that there never was any logical coherence to it.Roy Moore, defeated, doesn’t open a hole in the ground, leap into it, reach up & pull the hole in after himself — that’s not how it works.Marginalized Action Dinosaur Mark's Programming Ramblings The Marmot's Hole Martini Pundit MB Musings Mc Bangle's Angle Media Research Center The Median Sib Mein Blogovault Melissa Clouthier Men's News Daily Mending Time Michael's Soapbox Michelle Malkin Mike's Eyes Millard Filmore's Bathtub A Million Monkeys Typing Michael Savage Minnesota Democrats Exposed Miss Cellania Missio Dei Missouri Minuteman Modern Tribalist Moonbattery Mother, May I Sleep With Treacher? Underestimated My Republican Blog My Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Mythusmage Opines Naked Writing Nation of Cowards National Center Blog Nealz Nuze Neo Con Blonde Neo-Neocon Neptunus Lex Nerd Family Network of Enlightened Women (Ne W) News Pundit Nightmare Hall No Sheeples Here Noisy Normblog The Nose On Your Face NYC Educator The Oak Tree Obama's Gaffes Obi's Sister Oh, That Liberal Media!Old Hippie One Cosmos One Man's Kingdom One More Cup of Coffee Operation Yellow Elephant Opini Pundit Orion Sector The Other (Robert Stacy) Mc Cain The Outlaw Republican Outside The Beltway Pajamas Media Palm Tree Pundit Papa Knows Part-Time Pundit Pass The Ammo Passionate America Patriotic Mom Pat's Daily Rant Patterico's Pontifications Pencader Days Perfunction Perish the Thought Personal Qwest Peter Porcupine Pettifog Philmon Philosoblog Physics Geek Pigilito Says...I guess everyone else has to grapple with the situation of now & then having less, but the government is entitled to be protected from this, spending whatever it wants, while everyone outside of government has to scrimp, and squeak, and cope. A large truck chips a curb a couple hundred feet away, repairing the curb depends on funds that ultimately come from Washington, so we have to send lots of money to Washington to get the curb fixed? Even nuttier is the proposition that the curb will remain unfixed, because budget cuts, and we have budget cuts because of tax cuts. Nor does the government have any qualms about spending money when it’s in the red. It is a cry of “I think I’m working very hard, why don’t I feel more secure?

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The democrats amp up their propaganda, yank the volume dial on it up to eleven, and we hear “trickle down is bullshit” from all directions. Let us examine instead what truly matters in politics: The conditions under which the undecided will be won over to one side, or the other. People say this when they’re having a tough time looking for work, or perhaps when they already do have a job and it pays well, but they’re singing in a gilded cage — they doubt their abilities to find another should they ever find themselves dismissed.

Suddenly, tax cuts are an “expense” the government can’t afford. What does it take for more people to accept the premise that trickle down is bullshit, that the free market doesn’t work, that liquid assets are static, immobilized, that we all carry on in futility until the final date with the Grim Reaper. It is despair, almost a cry for help, and I think in many cases it is exactly that.

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Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: We were following a trackback and thinking "hmmm... ", and then we realized that it was just part III of, well, three... Brutally Honest: Morgan Freeberg is an intriguing guy...[he] asks great questions and answers others with style, flair, reason and wit. Make him a part of your regular blogospheric reading. Exile in Portales: Via Gerard: Morgan Freeberg, a guy with a lot to say. You start by throwing in the kitchen sink, tie in someone's syphilitic uncle, bend around a rip tide of brilliance and bring it all home in a neat, diamond dripping package of an exceptionally readable moment of damn fine wordsmithing. Just Muttering: Two nice pieces at House of Eratosthenes, one about a perhaps unintended effect of the Enron mess, and one on the Gore-y environ-movie.

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