Apple and the options backdating scandal of the past decade

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The company was worth about billion in 2000, just before Jobs unleashed Apple’s groundbreaking “digital lifestyle” strategy, understood at the time by few critics.

Today, at about 0 billion, Apple is slightly more valuable than Google.

Will the Goliath role suit him nearly as well as playing David clearly has?Its market share in personal computers was plummeting back then, and the cash drain was so severe that bankruptcy was a possibility. today, but that share is increasingly beside the point.Now Apple has billion in cash and marketable securities, surpassing the total market cap of rival Dell. With 275 retail stores in nine countries, a 73% share of the U. MP3 player market, and the undisputed leadership position in innovation when it comes to mobile phones, Apple and its CEO are no one’s idea of underdogs anymore.How will he respond to the competition he has awakened, particularly in smartphones, even as the personal computer fades in relative importance?Has he fashioned an organization that can succeed him?

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