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In the same way, technology can be used here to overcome this challenge too.Rather than going to social events, now it is possible to stay at home and still socialize and meet with new people.And finding such a person is not easy in today’s world.It becomes more difficult in the case of people with disability. People with disabilities face a great challenge with regard to mobility.Not everyone is as open minded as you would want them to be, but at the same time, some people are a lot nicer than they first may appear.We’re not saying that disabled dating will be easy, but it definitely is worth it when you find someone decent, right?It’s hard to tell a lot about someone from a dating site profile alone and when it comes to bringing up a disability, it’s hard to know whether or not you should state your disability right there at the very beginning. Are you brave enough to just blurt it out like that?

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. "Dating" implies not only romance, but requires mutual interest and sharing of similar lifestyles.

If you are looking for deaf dating web sites, for example, you could state that you are deaf. If you need a wheelchair or stick to get around, drop it in.

It’s just as important for people to accept your disability as it is for them to read whatever it is you’re looking for in your new love interest! In fact, I would suggest making it a fleeting sentence, but at least have it mentioned .

But you are going to meet people only when you go out to social events, nightclubs, pubs, parties and so on.

This is where people with disability will always be at a disadvantage. Technology is being used by such people in order to aid with their mobility as well as other challenges.

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